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    I dont have words to explain but my session with Susan was something i always wanted to do and understand .. thank you Susan, Thank you very very much. love and blessings.Neetu Chaudhary
    I came to you with grief and sadness and a problem I was facing from 2011. Medically it was vitamin B12 deficiency which results in a problem called anxiety. Well I was taking medicines but there was…Kapil Maggu
    Hi, i am an ex- Air Hostess and currently  self employed in my own setup.  I like to thank you(SUSAN)  for allowing this space and opportunity to learn and be with the angels. i have been…KAVITA KAKKAR
    It was an amazing experience that day with the dolphin meditation. The glimpse of past life that I saw was quite strong and so I decided to solve it in a self hypnosis session and it was…Pallavi
    Angel Blessings was a great workshop. It was a life transforming experience. Meditations were truly intense. I enjoyed every moment of it and felt a lot of joy. It was great to experience…
    Navraj Singh (24th Feb., 2013)
    I put this forward in my deep gratitude to my Dearest Angel Susan for connecting me to my Angels who walk with me every step of the way. i clearly recall my hair raising Angel experiences in your…Seema Verma (New Delhi)
    After the two days workshop I was little disappointed b’cause I didn’t get my guardian angle’s names.but Susan chopra assured me that you’ll get them before night if you prey…Reena Kumar (25th Feb., 2013)
    In my deepest, darkest moments, what really got me through was prayer, sometime prayer was to help me, sometime prayer was to thank you to make me introduce to Susan Chopra. She held my hand gently…Komal Thakur
    Thanks for the lovely class. Your class was so gud Ma’am. (:Tempetation Kingg (July 18, 2013)

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  7. By Susan

    "The angels have completely transformed my life. It is your turn now"
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Dear Susan mam and all Angels,
Thank you very much for giving me such a nice experience about my life. I would like to express my heartily gratitude to you for changing my life so fast. First of all i would like to say that being a psychologist i know very well the value of positivity but sometimes it happens with us that we can solve the problems of everybody but not for our own. The same happened with me but with the grace of God and teachings of Susan Mam , i am able to solve problems. Right now seriously m feelings very light, calm and peaceful just because of her. I respect (Susan) Mam as my spiritual teacher who has given me the lesson of living life. When i met with her and took session from her, i was taking her words as the commands of God. And i m blessed now.

I am not having words to express my gratitude and love for Mam as i was at zero before meeting with her and now i am feeling like 100%.

One thing more, whenever i look at her face. I just feel like i am with an angel, and i feel peace ,love and blessed and not able to speak anything. Thanks once again to God, Susan Mam and angels.


Dear Susan and all angels thank you very much for giving me so nice calming experience though m very non spiritual person but that day in my chakra cleansing session I really felt very light and healed that now I can enjoy every bit of my existence … Though can’t explain my experience in words but still one thing would like to share that m able hear all sounds very clearly either z chirping birds sounds ,air or warmth of sun light any thing but I feel m enjoying everything though situation a problem r there but m happy and looking at them with a big smile……
This z experience can sound funny but m very blessed that I met Susan thank you very much.


Angel Healing course Has changed my way of being. At the same time I have seen others also changing there way of Being And Susan make us really good Healer Practical also She gives us the core knowledge.


As well as Gives us The essence of being In healing world I the more Praise my Master The more I can give my Gratitude to her a wonderful gift for you is to give you Unconditional Love Her teaching helps us to let other also be connected with Angles. Do it n see the change n healing in your own Life,Thank you my angels keep blessing Me n My World Family.

Hi, i am a Tarot Reader by profession. Today i felt rahulot of love received from my GURU Susan. Learnt how to Forgive ,to be a true Healer . Susan’s workshops are very well designed and i like to call susan as SU-JAN as in True Good Person mentor…. Today it is clear that only if we become healed first can we be of any good to others.
Thank you GOD, SUsan and My Angek.
Hi, I am a business man by profession.APCC is a wonderfully designed course for Spiritual growth and development on the way to enlightenment.
it has made me connect with the “Realms of Angels” and i feel very blessed now. this modality is very simple yet extremely powerful.
Lots of Gratitude to our Teacher SUSAN who is a wonderfully evolved soul.
Hi , I am ex- Air force Commander.This Workshop has opened my mind to the Abundance of Universal Healing Powers, available to the Mankind in the form of Angels.
The Course has prepared me for life as such from today, i am ready and aware to receive signals from GOD through the voice of Angels  about the correct path to be taken in my life journey that leads to  my highest good.
Glad to be here.
I had a very bright , insightful and blissful experience attending susans APCC workshop.
Susan has helped me understand energies in detail, about angels and the depth with which we as healers or non healers can go to help ourselves and others.
Susans powerful presence,knowledge and Faith in Angels and Supreme Beings is very motivating and indeed firm.
I thank the  Universe , Archangels, angels ,Susan and my batch of amazing souls with whom i spent last 2 days interacting and learning with on the journey to know , feel and understand the World of Angels more….
Hi, I am a Home Maker and a business woman too. APCC is a beautiful workshop… opened me up fully… helped me further connect with GOD, Archangels, Angels, Guardian Angels and the piwer that surrounds us and is omnipresent within us and around us. after 2 days of Intensive training and wisdom , I now see myself  as a Channel to create and spread high vibrating  energies, to spread peace , joy and happiness, to heal all with love..
I see myself living  as Gods light …. like GOD …. to finally merge with GOD.
I see myself purifying my own self and the planet and the Universe… Thank you so much susan for throwing the light on me and helping me moving forward on my path.
Hi, i am a student .I  cant be more blessed to be present for this workshop on 20-21 Sept . life seems so beautiful and wide and way above pretty issues of everyday. i connected with your pure soul susan and everyone present in the workshop was a pleasure to be and work with.
it seemed as if i was destined to get all answers to my problems via the angels. Susan and this workshop appeared as an Angel in my life. i could;nt be anymore thankful and grateful for blessing me this chance to connect with myself, work on myself and remove the hindrances and blockages i held.
thank you soooo much susan for helping me connect with myself. thank you for conductive an amazing Interactive Workshop .. it makes me feel so light and free,