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    Had undergone very good experience’s with the angels.Col (Dr) Inderjeet Walia
    I came to you with grief and sadness and a problem I was facing from 2011. Medically it was vitamin B12 deficiency which results in a problem called anxiety. Well I was taking medicines but there was…Kapil Maggu
    GOD IS THE OMEGA!!!!! I am looking forward working with you again and again as you are truely a gifted angel practioner.We are blessed by your guidance,wisdom and knowledge. For a long time I have…Sanjukta
    It was a great learning experience. Thanks so much for everything. I look forward to doing more workshops before i leave for Toronto in August.Cheshta Sawhney
    My life was going meaningless..happhazard and completely sick both physically and mentally when by the grace of god my path crossed to meet this earthangel ‘susan’. When she transformed my life…Meena Talwar
    Hi, i am a student .I  cant be more blessed to be present for this workshop on 20-21 Sept . life seems so beautiful and wide and way above pretty issues of everyday. i connected with your pure…
    Thanks for the lovely class. Your class was so gud Ma’am. (:Tempetation Kingg (July 18, 2013)
    It was really a nice idea to organise a meeting for inviting all the like minded people as it helped entrust a feeling of belongingness. Loved the journey to Atlantis and am thankful to Susan for…Surbhi
    Dear Susan and all angels thank you very much for giving me so nice calming experience though m very non spiritual person but that day in my chakra cleansing session I really felt very light and…Anonymous
    Thank you for your wonderful help that you have given me over the past few months. I came asking for help & guidance at a time when I was completely shattered. I had no hope left & felt that…Sonia Sharma, Gurgaon

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    "The angels have completely transformed my life. It is your turn now"
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Dear Susan , thank you for today’s wonderful wonderful ACER workshop the energy was super high. I saw clearly today how the divine channels through you Time stood still in the classroom today and a three hour workshop turned into a full day workshop. The workshop is meant for all those who want to deepen their connect with the Angels of God. While the AHCC also includes card reading, and I did readings earlier too, the ACER workshop takes us leaps and bounds into a much higher space.

Today I learnt to access the guidance completely on point. The Angel Cards speak so beautifully and give us divine insights into situations and help us to be of service. The whole experience left me feeling empowered and wanting more. So much gratitude for you Susan for bringing me closer to God

Richa Misra

Thank you so much for taking me closer to god today.Thank you for being such important part of my soul journey . ..


Thank you Susan. I am blessed to have U in my life. Ur such a pious soul. Lods of love and wishes.
Thank you for everything.


Today, I want to share my wonderful experience as I went for the Level – 1 of AECR. From, last 12 years I was working as a Tarot card Reader. Actually, doing TAROT readings was my passion and suddenly Tarot stops resonating with me. And, from the last 1.5 years I am not doing readings – no teachings (Nothing). I was wondering why ? What happened ? And, I discussed about this issue with Susan. After interactions with her I decided to go for ANGEL READER COURSE.

Finally, today we did it Wow…I can’t explain – have no words What I felt today was some magic…..MAGIC….MAGIC all around HIGH ENERGIES HIGH VIBRATING BEINGS dancing all around SOMETHING I felt beyond my five senses CHERUBS giving messages A strong connection with ARCHANGEL MICHAEL (I Love him). Still now, I am in ECSTASY Just wondering what was that I sensed today.

And now I have slipped into the mode of GRATITUDE….. GRATITUDE and GRATITUDE….

Thanks Susan for showing me the MAGICAL WORLD…
As now I firmly believe that there is MAGICAL WORLD with POWERFUL MAGICAL BEINGS out there Oh Wow…..I can write on and on and on….
Finishing with THANKS…. Thank you so much…


Testimonial from India’s Top Makeup artist MEENAKSHI DUTT

Meenakshi Dutt




Angel Healer Certification workshop - Testimonial