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    Thank you for your wonderful help that you have given me over the past few months. I came asking for help & guidance at a time when I was completely shattered. I had no hope left & felt that…Sonia Sharma, Gurgaon
    Thank you for the workshop……those two days were an eye opener and a glimpse of the beautiful angel world that exists parallel to ours. As years rolled by for me, i have always had…Monica Atluri (28th Feb., 2013)
    Angel Blessings was a great workshop. It was a life transforming experience. Meditations were truly intense. I enjoyed every moment of it and felt a lot of joy. It was great to experience…
    Navraj Singh (24th Feb., 2013)
    As well as Gives us The essence of being In healing world I the more Praise my Master The more I can give my Gratitude to her a wonderful gift for you is to give you Unconditional Love Her teaching…Aasnaya
    This was a very informative class and even a week is not enough for the WISDOM of Susan Ma;am.Hearing the ARCHANGEL speak through her was a wonderful experience .This is a new world to be explored…Jyoti Ramesh
    Hi, i am a student .I  cant be more blessed to be present for this workshop on 20-21 Sept . life seems so beautiful and wide and way above pretty issues of everyday. i connected with your pure…
    Dear Susan mam and all Angels, Firstly, i Thank God  very much for guiding  me to Susan Madam , for giving me such a nice experience about my life. I would like to express my…Mannat
    Angel Healer Certification workshop - Testimonial
    Dear Susan mam and all Angels, Thank you very much for giving me such a nice experience about my life. I would like to express my heartily gratitude to you for changing my life so fast. First of all…Jasmeet
    I thank Susan for such an angelic experience.It connected me to all the answers that were missing. Now i can see them. Felt immense Happiness & Joy,protected and fond of my Angels. Thank you…Shivani Khetan

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    "The angels have completely transformed my life. It is your turn now"
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Reiki Healing

What is Reiki?

We all undergo challenges in life at times—whether falling ill, loss of loved ones, experiencing midlife crisis , heart breaks—you name it.  Life guided me to Reiki when I was totally lost. Reiki relieved me of all old pain and accumulated stress and transformed me completely. Over the years I started  calling Reiki as “Mother Reiki” due to its feminine nature and huge  ability to heal anything completely like a Mother. It understands each person completely, with the root cause of suffering and knows how to heal them. Reiki  is very close to my heart and had taught me unique ways of teaching and healings during meditations which I have been successfully using in my workshops and healing sessions for clients. I love to share this wisdom with others who seek to transform their lives to a life full of love, peace and prosperity.

Reiki pronounced as RAY-KEY is an Ancient Japanese healing technique rediscovered by a  Japanese monk Dr. Mikao Usui.  It is the power that  lives and animates all created matter. A powerful  natural healing technique  used for self healing and healing others on physical, mental, emotional, spiritual levels of being

Reiki is simple to learn and even simpler to use by all age groups . Healing takes place by simply transferring Universal life Force energy from one person to another through hands. It is the Creators pure love for us and helps the mind and body to heal of its own accord thereby promoting health ,happiness and prosperity. The beauty that I find with Healing therapies that I administer is that the healing does not only occur during a session.  The true work occurs after the sessions in the processing of what will arrive in the client

What does a reiki session  feels like?

  • A full body Hands-on  Reiki session feels like a calming, soothing  effect resulting in deep Mind-Body relaxation resulting in glowing radiance of face and skin . Pure concentrated  Reiki  flows through the hands of  the  healer  into the affected area of the patients body  clearing all blocks in the  vital chakra system  as well as  energising the patients Aura.  RESULT- Complete Peace Of Mind and feeling of Happiness surrounding all day
  •  The session begins with a cognitive talk between the therapist and client wherein the before and after session experiences are discussed with an understanding of clients energy and reasons for seeking healing. Also , a brief do’s and dont’s of the session are explained. This is found helpful to open my clients to the healing.
  • Before commencing client is asked to drink lots of water to support the release of toxins and energy clearing.
  • During the session, client lays on a table, fully clothed while the healer lays hands on them; usually on their shoulders, head, upper arms, knees, and feet.  Sessions usually last about 1- 1/2 hrs.
  • The session concludes with a health assessment, and discussion between the client and healer .  The healer will tell the client what they saw, if anything during the session, any other pertinent thoughts, and may possibly give homework until next time’s session.
  • Those receiving these energy attunements have reported feeling heat/or energy in various areas of their body, visions, or have fallen into a deep relaxing sleep.  If you fall asleep this is good!  We are all different and everybody does not have the same experiences.  Not feeling anything does not mean the Kundalini energy is not flowing!
  • For optimum healing it is recommended that clients receive three healing sessions within one week and then tune-ups at their leisure.

What are the benefits of reiki, karuna reiki, kundalini reiki ?

  • Chakra balancing/strengthening
  • Decreases stress and brings a sense of total calm and peace.
  • Improvement in health conditions  e.g- B.P, Blood Sugar, Diabetes etc
  • Increases relaxation and body’s Natural immunity to heal itself.
  • Increases  confidence
  • Increases Energy levels.
  • Decreases pain
  •  Reiki is a wonderful adjunct to conventional or traditional/holistic health methods
  • Increases the effects of other holistic therapies
  • Supports preparation for surgery and a speedier recovery after surgery
  • Improved Self –acceptance , love , compassion  for self and others.
  • Heightens intuition, increases awareness, Manifestation abilities resulting in fulfilment of hearts desires of love, peace, happiness, financial abundance etc.
  •  Intelligence targets areas in the physical and energetic body with the greatest need(s)
  • Aids better sleep
  • Decreases attachments
  • Increases and allow feelings of consistent joy and bliss
  • Assists with spiritual growth
  • Releases/removes emotional blockages. May halt the aging process and increase vitality