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    I sincerely wish to offer my thankfulness to My Angel and My Master as I call her in giving me a new path in life, positive attitude to handle the opportunities that come before me God willing. Her…Rajesh Dube
    I was quite skeptical about a concept called ‘Angelic Healing’ when I heard it from my friend for the first time in my life. The enthusiastic description given by him not only made me feel…Nitin Borale
    Dear Susan mam and all Angels, Thank you very much for giving me such a nice experience about my life. I would like to express my heartily gratitude to you for changing my life so fast. First of all…Jasmeet
    I thank Susan for such an angelic experience.It connected me to all the answers that were missing. Now i can see them. Felt immense Happiness & Joy,protected and fond of my Angels. Thank you…Shivani Khetan
    It was really a nice idea to organise a meeting for inviting all the like minded people as it helped entrust a feeling of belongingness. Loved the journey to Atlantis and am thankful to Susan for…Surbhi
    Hi, I am a Home Maker and a business woman too. APCC is a beautiful workshop… opened me up fully… helped me further connect with GOD, Archangels, Angels, Guardian Angels and the…
    I seize this opportunity to express my experience and recommend others to embrace this godly healing. “Great healing is available when we listen to each other”. Listening is such a simple act…Dr. Supriya
    Sunday, 5/5/13 “ angels’ blessing workshop with sea goddesses” was a surreal soul stirring experience . It was a four hour imploration on soul, which opened an enlightened vista of life.…Supriya
    I came to you, my husband was suffering from liver cirrhosis and I was scared and tensed, but Susan explained to me how angels will absolutely heal him . I did my angel therapy and believe me my…Rita Sabharwal
    Dear Susan and all angels thank you very much for giving me so nice calming experience though m very non spiritual person but that day in my chakra cleansing session I really felt very light and…Anonymous

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    "The angels have completely transformed my life. It is your turn now"
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Law of Attraction with Angels

Living The Law Of Attraction With Angels

“LAW OF ATTRACTION” WORKSHOP- We all are aware of the great “Law of Attraction” among the many laws, that are constantly working in our lives, regardless. However, in trying times how many of us are able to consciously work with it, is the greater challenge.  It is a serious thought that we create all the circumstances, events, and relationships of our lives by how we think and feel. And most of this happens unconsciously. This dynamic workshop teaches the tools for taking the deliberate charge of your life and making it more to your liking. We will explore ways of improving relationships, health and abundance using the principles and processes of Law of Attraction. Learn numerous methods of transforming stress. Learn how to achieve clarity from negative experiences so that you attract positive ones from now on. This workshop is carefully designed to empower you keeping in mind the day-to-day challenges that life throws at us and how amidst all that, one can still be at balance and easily Attract the Best. You with get answers to deeper questions about Soul Evolution, Soul’s Sole Purpose and life at work which will then make it real easy to work with the LAW. In short, you will learn the ‘SECRET BEHIND THE SECRET’.