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    I put this forward in my deep gratitude to my Dearest Angel Susan for connecting me to my Angels who walk with me every step of the way. i clearly recall my hair raising Angel experiences in your…Seema Verma (New Delhi)
    My heart filled wid lov fr u , u just came to me like heaven send sme messenger fr me. I was bit depressed wid my thoughts n situations ,not able to understand. I was suppressed that day. Opened my…Monica Gupta
    Thank you for your wonderful help that you have given me over the past few months. I came asking for help & guidance at a time when I was completely shattered. I had no hope left & felt that…Sonia Sharma, Gurgaon
    Thank you Susan for an exhilarating experience yet again! The workshop held on 5th May 2013 was my fourth session on Angels Healing & attending it has only strengthened my belief in you &…Ritibha Mehta
    I had a very bright , insightful and blissful experience attending susans APCC workshop.
    Susan has helped me understand energies in detail, about angels and the depth with which we…
    Angel Healing course Has changed my way of being. At the same time I have seen others also changing there way of Being And Susan make us really good Healer Practical also She gives us the core…Anonymous
    Hi,Susan I am blessed that I met u and was part of the event yesterday. It is always a new experience every time whenever I connect with my guardian angels.I am thankful to Sakshi that she arranged…Dr Rajni Malhan
    I sincerely wish to offer my thankfulness to My Angel and My Master as I call her in giving me a new path in life, positive attitude to handle the opportunities that come before me God willing. Her…Rajesh Dube
    My life was going meaningless..happhazard and completely sick both physically and mentally when by the grace of god my path crossed to meet this earthangel ‘susan’. When she transformed my life…Meena Talwar

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    "The angels have completely transformed my life. It is your turn now"
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Law of Attraction with Angels

Living The Law Of Attraction With Angels

“LAW OF ATTRACTION” WORKSHOP- We all are aware of the great “Law of Attraction” among the many laws, that are constantly working in our lives, regardless. However, in trying times how many of us are able to consciously work with it, is the greater challenge.  It is a serious thought that we create all the circumstances, events, and relationships of our lives by how we think and feel. And most of this happens unconsciously. This dynamic workshop teaches the tools for taking the deliberate charge of your life and making it more to your liking. We will explore ways of improving relationships, health and abundance using the principles and processes of Law of Attraction. Learn numerous methods of transforming stress. Learn how to achieve clarity from negative experiences so that you attract positive ones from now on. This workshop is carefully designed to empower you keeping in mind the day-to-day challenges that life throws at us and how amidst all that, one can still be at balance and easily Attract the Best. You with get answers to deeper questions about Soul Evolution, Soul’s Sole Purpose and life at work which will then make it real easy to work with the LAW. In short, you will learn the ‘SECRET BEHIND THE SECRET’.