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    I sincerely wish to offer my thankfulness to My Angel and My Master as I call her in giving me a new path in life, positive attitude to handle the opportunities that come before me God willing. Her…Rajesh Dube
    Your WORKSHOP was AMAZING. Susan Maam is so pretty and looks like an Angel and Mermaid. My experience was so good over here and i want to attend all other classes with her also. So please keep me…Asa Singh Grover
    The workshop you…put together was a true blessing. You have helped to bring even more integrity, clarity, professionalism and love into my life and our loved ones around us.  I wanted to take this…Deepinder Sohal (27th Feb. 2013)
    Hi , I am ex- Air force Commander.This Workshop has opened my mind to the Abundance of Universal Healing Powers, available to the Mankind in the form of Angels.
    The Course has…
    It was really a nice idea to organise a meeting for inviting all the like minded people as it helped entrust a feeling of belongingness. Loved the journey to Atlantis and am thankful to Susan for…Surbhi
    I was quite skeptical about a concept called ‘Angelic Healing’ when I heard it from my friend for the first time in my life. The enthusiastic description given by him not only made me feel…Nitin Borale
    Hi, I am a Home Maker and a business woman too. APCC is a beautiful workshop… opened me up fully… helped me further connect with GOD, Archangels, Angels, Guardian Angels and the…
    A deeply experiential workshop opening me up  to a new area of peaceful knowledge. i enjoyed the workshop thoroughly ,primarily for the experience i got and the answers i received about my own…
    Hi , I am Payal Chauhan , a 33 year old Interior Designer , married & mother of 2 angels ,who till November 2013 had no clue of the world of angels , with just 4 months of belief in them , I …Payal Chauhan

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    "The angels have completely transformed my life. It is your turn now"
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Cord Cutting with Archangel Michael

What are Cords?

Clairvoyantly , Cords look like surgical tubings that extend between two people who share a significant relationship and most commonly extend to our siblings, Father, mother, ex-spouce, husband –wife, ex-lovers, current lover, our house, children , close friends , even employers or employees and even to geographical locations and our homes in which case the cords extend from under the feet into the ground. Ever wondered why you found moving a house so difficult or ending an unwanted relationship , a divorce so painful ??? Well,  You may like to consider a cord cutting session.

The cords act like hoses with energy directed back and forth between two people and this can be extremely problematic as  you can feel drained out, depressed, angry , defocused without any reason.  In such a case the people who form these cords consciously or subconsciously become energy vampires who suck out the vital energy from each other , depleting and causing the person to become unhealthy emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. In such a situation the person who feels low and depressed or radically ill automatically starts eating into other persons energy in order for them to feel better about themselves. These cords are also like highways and run both ways! That means that you will also receive their energy whether it is positive or negative. If they have a headache, you may also develop a headache. It they are depressed, you may become depressed. If they are angry, you may become angry and so on. As you can see this can be very detrimental to your health.

What are the effects of Cords?

You are energetically corded to anyone who you have a relationship with including family members, friends, co workers and acquaintances in some way whether it is harmful or healthy. Energy flows back and forth between you and another.  However, a cord of attachment is not the flow of unconditional love.  A cord of attachment by definition is negative and contributes a unique set of difficulties to your energy system.

When you are corded in an unhealthy way to someone, these bonds can negatively impact all aspects of your life. For example, your behavior may be influenced or controlled by the person you are negatively bonded to. You may be easily manipulated, feel stuck, depressed, have low energy levels or simply feel bad without knowing why. These cords prevent you from really being the real you! It is imperative that these cords be severed and sometimes a spiritual purification is required for your well-being and also for the growthoftheotherperson.

What is a cord cutting session with Susan?

Cutting Cords of attachment consists of releasing or cutting away unhealthy energetic cords that connect you with someone else . In a Cord Cutting Session , Susan works with aroma oils, fragrances, healing crystals and is assisted by Archangel Michael and Raphael and other Divine Beings who guide her to the various parts of clients energy and chakras where such cords are developed. She clairvoyantly detects the cords and weeds them out of the energy . Cords that may be connected to current life situations, cords coming from past lives etc are severed away restoring peace and balance.