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    After the two days workshop I was little disappointed b’cause I didn’t get my guardian angle’s names.but Susan chopra assured me that you’ll get them before night if you prey…Reena Kumar (25th Feb., 2013)
    A deeply experiential workshop opening me up  to a new area of peaceful knowledge. i enjoyed the workshop thoroughly ,primarily for the experience i got and the answers i received about my own…
    SINCE WE ARE IN TOUCH, MY LIFE HAS COMPLETELY CHANGED… and thanks to your protection, care and guidance.. The purpose of my letter is to thank you for all the good things you have brought to me in…S. Mishra
    I put this forward in my deep gratitude to my Dearest Angel Susan for connecting me to my Angels who walk with me every step of the way. i clearly recall my hair raising Angel experiences in your…Seema Verma (New Delhi)
    I Mehak Malik , have just been certified from Susan. Meeting Susan for the APCC certification has made a huge transformation in myself .. She has enriched my awakenings & so beautifully…Mehak Malik
    Hi , I am Payal Chauhan , a 33 year old Interior Designer , married & mother of 2 angels ,who till November 2013 had no clue of the world of angels , with just 4 months of belief in them , I …Payal Chauhan
    As well as Gives us The essence of being In healing world I the more Praise my Master The more I can give my Gratitude to her a wonderful gift for you is to give you Unconditional Love Her teaching…Aasnaya
    Hi,Susan I am blessed that I met u and was part of the event yesterday. It is always a new experience every time whenever I connect with my guardian angels.I am thankful to Sakshi that she arranged…Dr Rajni Malhan
    I sincerely wish to offer my thankfulness to My Angel and My Master as I call her in giving me a new path in life, positive attitude to handle the opportunities that come before me God willing. Her…Rajesh Dube
    My heart filled wid lov fr u , u just came to me like heaven send sme messenger fr me. I was bit depressed wid my thoughts n situations ,not able to understand. I was suppressed that day. Opened my…Monica Gupta

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    "The angels have completely transformed my life. It is your turn now"
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Angel Card Readings

I have truly enjoyed doing Angel Readings for myself and hundreds of my clients in the past few years. Angel readings are so amazingly healing and empowering and offer clear guidance and action steps to lead us to our desired goals. The healing that comes out of these sessions is heart wrenching.   Over the years I have done a variety of readings for my clients on abundance, romance, relationships etc where the angels revealed to me striking facts that the client had stored within at  the cellular level, patterns collected over the years or from past lives. Simply reading such patterns and working on them opened the gates of prosperity and infinite happiness.

In my Angel Card Reading session, I work with your Angels , Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides and the Deceased loved ones who may be present at the time of Reading to pass on any relevant information pertaining to your situation . I am assisted by my team of power packed Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Spirit guides who provide me information through all my psychic channels. I clairvoyantly scan your Aura and download information pertaining to your question and relay to you during the session with clear solutions and action steps that your Angels provide me with. I work with a variety of Angel Card decks in combination of some very special tarots  that have been very carefully selected for being gentle yet retaining the wisdom of Ancient tarots.

If you are facing any problem and seek urgent help and  100% correct guidance then consider this page is for you as a validation from your angels. Your angels know your past , future and have valuable information that they want to give to you right now. So, do not think twice.

For your convenience– i  am glad to offer  the Angelic guidance in 3 best ways:-

  1. IN- PERSON READINGS-  whereby i access all the information in front of from your angels in tandem with guidance through the angel deck and channel the same to you .  in simple understanding a face to face meeting with your angels who speak to you through my body.  Energy Exchange – 4800/-
  2. TELEPHONIC READINGS -  This is a form of remote readings keeping you in the comfort of your space and time while all the messages and solutions come to you over a phone call. Energy Exchange-  5000/- for a maximum of 30 min reading.
  3. EMAIL READINGS-  An email reading is usually more detailed as the angels use my hands over the keyboard so the information comes streaming through . Moreover in my experience i  find that angels start communicating much in advance commencing the time a session is booked. Moreover you have the complete record with you and have the freedom to keep comming back to it each time you are in  need of spiritual boost from heavens. Trust me this makes tremendous difference. Energy exchange- 5800/-