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    I had come to you troubled about my dogs, who were falling ill with difficult to handle conditions, and I was scared for them. I was also overwhelmed with the situation and was tired of the poor…Kiran Chaturvedi
    Dear Susan mam and all Angels, Thank you very much for giving me such a nice experience about my life. I would like to express my heartily gratitude to you for changing my life so fast. First of all…Jasmeet
    Thank you for your wonderful help that you have given me over the past few months. I came asking for help & guidance at a time when I was completely shattered. I had no hope left & felt that…Sonia Sharma, Gurgaon
    Thank you for the workshop……those two days were an eye opener and a glimpse of the beautiful angel world that exists parallel to ours. As years rolled by for me, i have always had…Monica Atluri (28th Feb., 2013)
    I thank Susan for such an angelic experience.It connected me to all the answers that were missing. Now i can see them. Felt immense Happiness & Joy,protected and fond of my Angels. Thank you…Shivani Khetan
    In my deepest, darkest moments, what really got me through was prayer, sometime prayer was to help me, sometime prayer was to thank you to make me introduce to Susan Chopra. She held my hand gently…Komal Thakur
    I came to you with grief and sadness and a problem I was facing from 2011. Medically it was vitamin B12 deficiency which results in a problem called anxiety. Well I was taking medicines but there was…Kapil Maggu
    I Mehak Malik , have just been certified from Susan. Meeting Susan for the APCC certification has made a huge transformation in myself .. She has enriched my awakenings & so beautifully…Mehak Malik
    After the two days workshop I was little disappointed b’cause I didn’t get my guardian angle’s names.but Susan chopra assured me that you’ll get them before night if you prey…Reena Kumar (25th Feb., 2013)

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  7. By Susan

    "The angels have completely transformed my life. It is your turn now"
  8. Experience Angels Meditation Class

Become a Certified Angel Healer Now!

Experience AHCC Certification Course By Susan

Conducted By

Dear One,

Learn to easily and intimately connect with power packed Angels of the third Heaven and bring a healing difference to your life. AHCC,is youir opportunity to transform your life with Angelic Realms to anchor Love , light and healing on the planet Earth.

  • If you are currently going through challenges in life and seek urgent help/ guidance ?
  • Are restless about finding answers and deeper meanings to your existence?
  • feel stressed out and are in pursuit of deep peace , happiness
  • Feel stuck or need healing of Finances, Career, health, relationship, studies, home etc
  • feel unhappy in your current job?
  • If you or your loved ones are struggling with any physical ,emotional, psychological health issues?
  • Seek Spiritual Transformation and feel there’s more to you and life than what you know?

Then,…. i implore you DO NOT waste another minute and grab this opportunity which is solely for you .

Register by sending a watsapp message at 8130589185/9811815747 ( Ms.Aradhana)


Venue- Hotel Fortune, Sohna Road, Gurgaon

Dates- 10th-11th June, 10am-5:30 pm (Both Days)

Meals Hi-Tea, Training Handouts

Self-healing.- You will naturally heal with this very high healing energy of Angelic Realms on your own and be able to easily release blocks, fears, old painful emotions,learn how to let go of the past so that you can hear the voice of the Angels and Divine Creator..

Awakening your Energy Body- Finding the Psychic Self– i will guide you through my many channeled meditations and psychic exercises to strengthen your psychic muscle so that you are able to discover the real you- that is constantly receiving angelic guidance and answers from the Divine beings and GOD

Skill building.- you’ll learn about your innate Psychic Skills and how to use them effectively with Angels to empower your life and attract effortlessly what you want and not what you don’t.

How to see, hear, feel and interpret Angel messages for yourself, learning to work with each of the major Archangels for powerful healing in every aspect of life,Runner Angels, and Ministry of Angels.

You will Meet and interact with your personal Guardian Angels
Receive Angelic Attunements- to awaken and empower your energy centers to easily transfer and reflect the healing energy on your situations and goals
Gaining confidence in yourself as a Psychic healer
Angel Kriyas to heighten psychic Receptivity
Power Breathing
Angel Signs as medium of communication

Hands-on Practice of your newly developed psychic and healing skills on others in workshop.

Goal Manifestation- Realize your goals with Angels with greater ease.

Connect with us on visit