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    In my deepest, darkest moments, what really got me through was prayer, sometime prayer was to help me, sometime prayer was to thank you to make me introduce to Susan Chopra. She held my hand gently…Komal Thakur
    Its rightly said that u receive everything on right time decided by almighty. I came to you with sadness and a medical problem…you shown me the path- the angel blessing workshop. Although I…Kapil Maggu (25th Feb., 2013)
    I seize this opportunity to express my experience and recommend others to embrace this godly healing. “Great healing is available when we listen to each other”. Listening is such a simple act…Dr. Supriya
    Hi, i am a student .I  cant be more blessed to be present for this workshop on 20-21 Sept . life seems so beautiful and wide and way above pretty issues of everyday. i connected with your pure…
    Hi, I am a business man by profession.APCC is a wonderfully designed course for Spiritual growth and development on the way to enlightenment.
    it has made me connect with the…
    My life was going meaningless..happhazard and completely sick both physically and mentally when by the grace of god my path crossed to meet this earthangel ‘susan’. When she transformed my life…Meena Talwar
    As well as Gives us The essence of being In healing world I the more Praise my Master The more I can give my Gratitude to her a wonderful gift for you is to give you Unconditional Love Her teaching…Aasnaya
    Your WORKSHOP was AMAZING. Susan Maam is so pretty and looks like an Angel and Mermaid. My experience was so good over here and i want to attend all other classes with her also. So please keep me…Asa Singh Grover
    Angel Channeling was a wonderful workshop. It was good to test and hone my psychic abilities. Violet Flame Meditation was very rejuvenating and my heart opened . It was amazing to meet my spirit…Navraj (July 18, 2013)

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    "The angels have completely transformed my life. It is your turn now"
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Angel Reiki Healing



Angelic Reiki is the highest Divine Love aspect.

It is the absolute joy of working hand in hand with the Angelic Kingdom of Light to bring one of the highest forms of healing to individuals, groups and the planet.
Even though my journey into the World of Spirit started with Angels at a very young age; sure enough it was intensified with my introduction to the wonderfully amazing Rei-ki – the Divine Spirit that knows all and heals all.
I was guided time and again by the Divine Masters and Guides to combine the collective wisdom of these two wonderful yet different worlds together and the result was pure MAGIC.

Angel Reiki healing is extremely powerful way of healing and uplifting any area of life that needs help – be it Money, career, emotional crisis, heart breaks, physical distress, lethargy – or any other problem you can imagine under the sun.

In this modality I work with the Dr. Usui lineage Masters and guides and the loving power of Angelic Realms to establish individual healing. Since Angels are always vibrating at a very very High frequency I find that negative energy finds it impossible to sustain in their slightest presence and immediately shatters away. There is a whole Divine team of Archangels and Divine beings, Goddesses and Devas who surround me during an Angel Reiki session to assist me work on my client’s energy. .

This adds another dimension to the power of Reiki, the combination of this spiritual healing practice with the realm of the angels expands and deepens the possibilities. Angelic Reiki draws the healing power of the Divine Mind through the angelic beings to the Reiki practitioner, granting an even greater healing energy, maximizing the beneficial effects. Melding the two forms of energy healing optimizes self-healing and the restoration of well being to others
I feel blessed and fortunate to have received permission and guidance from the Heavenly Masters and guides and for being attuned by none other than the Angelic Realms and Divine Reiki to offer this wonderful healing which will benefit you immensely by uplifting your energy instantly relieving you of all the stress, worry, headache, depression, Migraine or any other physical – emotional distress that may surround you.
As a Grand Master Teacher I have not only personally witnessed and experienced the WOW factor of Angel Reiki healing but have seen my clients heal most miraculously.

My ‘Angel Reiki Healing ‘Workshop is a two days intensive certified Training Program and is offered in two levels. There are no Master levels in this as I believe that we are always assisted by Divine Masters. However on completion of level 2 and thereafter one may like to continue and grow into Master level and Grand Master level of traditional Usui lineage Reiki as you are directly eligible for the same. You will be personally attuned by me at each level. Angel Reiki Healing is very easy to learn, and very delighting to receive and will completely transform your life. It is difficult to find a more practical workable healing combination such as this.
Distant Angel Reiki Attunements – Now receive the Magical healing benefits while you seat yourself within the comfort zone of your homes /offices or if you are physically unable. I will send you Angel Reiki attunements from far too wherever you are and you will receive the manuals and CDs to give you a perfect simulation of classroom training.

Any person above the age of 10 yrs is eligible. A person from No Background to All Background who is seeking deeper Love, Sense of Overall Peace/calm, seeks heightened spiritual experiences, awaken dormant psychic powers of the brain, wants to uplift any area of life, suffering from depressions, loneliness, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, or any other physical, mental, emotional imbalances must learn ANGEL REIKI ON PRIORITY because you deserve to be happy, whole and complete in life. Amen
Angel Reiki Healing is not restricted to human healing. Both animals and plants respond to the flow of curative energy. Angel Reiki treatments bring loving energy to pets and gardens. The restoration of balance, increasing vital energy and releasing toxins, whether physical or emotional, is at the core of this gentle and effective treatment. All beings benefit from this curative practice.
1. All about Reiki – History, tradition and various hand positions
2. All the important healing points in the body.
3. Guided meditations to heighten psychic receptivity to the guidance of Masters and Angels.
4. How to heal by laying on hands

5. How to send healing over any distance, healing past, present, future. Healing karmic issues, character, mental, emotional, money, career, relationship healing etc.etc…
6. Holistic healings by calling on the divine Angelic beings and Reiki Masters and guides; that can deliver a multifaceted renewal of the mind, body, spirit, and soul. The healing is there just for the asking. Through meditation, communication is opened with the angels, and healing on all planes can begin. The interconnectedness of our physical bodies with our emotional and spiritual health allows healing to spread, enveloping the entire person in comforting and curative angelic energy.
7. Learn to practice angel healing in tune with using your hands to channel the energy of the angels, leading to the beautiful blending of Reiki with angelic healing.
8. Receive Attunements with 7 Healing Archangels and Masters and then become a Divine channel to manifest healings of the highest order.
9. Ancient healing traditions across the globe all speak of a life force, a vital energy that flows through the universe and is deeply connected to the health of the human body. Reiki is in harmony with these ancient traditions, it uses chi, or the life force, focused through the hands to balance and heal.

Learn how to Invoke,
Draw on the divine beings,
Transform and
Enhance Reiki &
How to transfer healing to those in need

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Susan Chopra
GrandMaster Reiki