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    I came to you, my husband was suffering from liver cirrhosis and I was scared and tensed, but Susan explained to me how angels will absolutely heal him . I did my angel therapy and believe me my…Rita Sabharwal
    I dont have words to explain but my session with Susan was something i always wanted to do and understand .. thank you Susan, Thank you very very much. love and blessings.Neetu Chaudhary
    I sincerely wish to offer my thankfulness to My Angel and My Master as I call her in giving me a new path in life, positive attitude to handle the opportunities that come before me God willing. Her…Rajesh Dube
    Testimonial from India’s Top Makeup artist MEENAKSHI DUTT Meenakshi Dutt
    I had a very bright , insightful and blissful experience attending susans APCC workshop.
    Susan has helped me understand energies in detail, about angels and the depth with which we…
    I have always been fascinated by “Aham Brahmasmi” or I am divine i.e. to say that the core of my being is the ultimate reality, the root and ground of the universe, the source of all that…Anonymous
    This was a very informative class and even a week is not enough for the WISDOM of Susan Ma;am.Hearing the ARCHANGEL speak through her was a wonderful experience .This is a new world to be explored…Jyoti Ramesh
    Hi, I am a Home Maker and a business woman too. APCC is a beautiful workshop… opened me up fully… helped me further connect with GOD, Archangels, Angels, Guardian Angels and the…
    Hi, i am a Tarot Reader by profession. Today i felt rahulot of love received from my GURU Susan. Learnt how to Forgive ,to be a true Healer . Susan’s workshops are very well designed and i…

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    "The angels have completely transformed my life. It is your turn now"
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Angel Healer Certification Course By Susan

Conducted By
Susan Chopra – Advanced Angel Facilitator
Advanced Angel Certified Practitioner,UK

Angel Blessings Dear One,

Hope this mail finds you and your loved ones well. i take this opportunity to invite you to my most Dynamic ,life transforming Course- AHCC ( Angel Healer Certification Course) scheduled in Gurugram on the 12-13 November .

Yes!!! After seeing a multitude of lives turn around in just two days of intensive Psychic training and caring with Angels , I can now proudly announce that the most amazing Energy Healing Program is just a few days away.

So , if you find yourself stuck in life in any way , whether on inside or from outside circumstances , then you must use all your will power to consciously join this Magical program which is guaranteed to help you attract a life of abundance .

I say this because , i have found this to be so powerful and so easily available to each one of us from above. indeed since childhood i am connecting intimately with my Angels who have helped me realize all my dreams without fail . Good , bad or ugly whatever i asked , i was given immediately even though most of the times things that i was unnecessary asking for , i was forewarned by spirit of the consequences but the truth is that i was granted help and that too immediate help .

That is what we all want ? immediate results , isnt it ? whether it is immediate money relief, right medical help, right relationships, good stable career, cheaper options whatever it is that you wish to have , you can easily have it with the help of your angels.

Through this workshop, i am going to share with you my childhood ways and techniques of communing with the invisible world of Spirit of highest love and light safely , easily and effectively for it to manifest in your life in magical ways.

so what are you waiting for ? you ‘ve got nothing to loose .

Book your space now- send an sms at 813089185/9811815747. You may refer to details of the course in the attachment enclosed.

Angel Blessings and

Love Susan

VENUE- Hotel Fortune, Sohna Road, Gurgaon

WHEN- 12-13 November, 2016

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