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    Thank you Susan for an exhilarating experience yet again! The workshop held on 5th May 2013 was my fourth session on Angels Healing & attending it has only strengthened my belief in you &…Ritibha Mehta
    Its rightly said that u receive everything on right time decided by almighty. I came to you with sadness and a medical problem…you shown me the path- the angel blessing workshop. Although I…Kapil Maggu (25th Feb., 2013)
    Thank you for the workshop……those two days were an eye opener and a glimpse of the beautiful angel world that exists parallel to ours. As years rolled by for me, i have always had…Monica Atluri (28th Feb., 2013)
    Sunday, 5/5/13 “ angels’ blessing workshop with sea goddesses” was a surreal soul stirring experience . It was a four hour imploration on soul, which opened an enlightened vista of life.…Supriya
    Testimonial from India’s Top Makeup artist MEENAKSHI DUTT Meenakshi Dutt
    I came to you, my husband was suffering from liver cirrhosis and I was scared and tensed, but Susan explained to me how angels will absolutely heal him . I did my angel therapy and believe me my…Rita Sabharwal
    The workshop you…put together was a true blessing. You have helped to bring even more integrity, clarity, professionalism and love into my life and our loved ones around us.  I wanted to take this…Deepinder Sohal (27th Feb. 2013)
    Scrying workshop was a wonderful workshop by our beautiful Angel “Susan” . thank you Angel for sharing your wonderful scrying experience with us. i want to be with you always, want…
    Asa Singh Grover
    As well as Gives us The essence of being In healing world I the more Praise my Master The more I can give my Gratitude to her a wonderful gift for you is to give you Unconditional Love Her teaching…Aasnaya

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    "The angels have completely transformed my life. It is your turn now"
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Angel Certification Courses With God Heals

Angel Certification Courses With God Heals

Angel Blessings

i am deeply grateful to God and all my Heavenly Helpers for choosing me to introduce Divine Love and Magic into the lives of humanity and planet at large.

My journey from realising the deepest dream of my heart of being a Veteran flight attendant to a Spiritual Teacher /Healer has only added more love and brought more light into my life and also of my loved ones, resulting from the deep and intimate bond and connection i have had with the heavenly emissaries of GOD since my early childhood .

There s indeed no job too big for your Angels to accomplish for you and my clinical experience over the years has made be absolutely confident this fact , of the power i am surrounded by and working with . Your angels are directly empowered by GOD to bring to you answered prayers as well as to heal any difficulties you are faced with in your life.

And so it is my deepest desire that your life too is transformed with your angels just as they have transformed my life completely .

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